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For math students the Common Core Standards for Missouri can be a challenge in Grades 1 – 5.   Using COMMON SENSE we show students and parents how the Traditional Math method is related to the Common Core Standards method.  Remember, both methods have the same goal and that is to teach math.  We show the students how to use the new Common Core Standards method while at the same time building a strong Traditional math foundation.  We believe the two are totally compatible since both are based on the same fundamental concepts of the four math operations, addition ( + ), subtraction (–), multiplication ( x ), and division ( ÷ ). 

 There are no tricks to becoming a grade level or higher performing math student.  It’s as simple as learning and applying the foundation concepts of math.  

 Our programs help all types of children and adults across the spectrum of intelligence who are classified as average, above average, with or without dyslexia, ADD or ADHD.  We have found a strong correlation exists between all struggling students and one or more weakly understood math operations.  The concept could have been presented earlier in a school year or quite often even presented in a previous school year.  Our programs help children and adults overcome their confusion with math as it relates to these gaps.

                                               OUR PROGRAM

  • We begin by conducting a free student evaluation that includes a review of recent school tests and quizzes (if available).
  • We design a one – on – one student specific lesson plan to build missing or misunderstood math concepts.
  • Each lesson is designed to improve the school’s target performance as measured by classroom test grades, quiz grades and class              participation.
  • Lessons are carefully adjusted after monitoring subsequent school performance.  The focus is on each math concept that needs to be        developed to attain math proficiency in school.
  • We coordinate our lessons with what parents feel and what the school results show is producing improved math performance.
  • We are flexible with homework.  We assign enough to strengthen lesson concepts, but not so much that it interferes with normal          schoolwork or family activities.


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