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I’m Ed (ET) and Mary is my wife, we are reading specialists and I am a math specialist.  We both have Masters degrees and have taught at the college level before starting Webster’s Reading and Learning.  Together we help families by teaching children the basic elements of math and the English language code to build reading and writing skills.  We have enjoyed a lot of success over the last 17 years.  In the beginning, Mary built a wonderful reputation applying her trademark reading program that she created after doing an extensive study of the existing reading methods.  It wasn’t long after parents discovered how well her program worked that they were asking if she could help their children with math.  Here is where I came in.  I was still working at that time, but knew that Mary’s years of teaching undergraduate and graduate courses qualified her to find the right person to join her business.   I was pleasantly surprised when she recruited me to be a part of her organization.  Without prejudice, she said  I was the candidate of choice because of my background as a research chemist which meant that I had a strong knowledge of math and science.  I’m very glad she made that very objective decision.

At this point I decided that there were enough new math programs being offered and I didn’t need to add another.  So, I focused my analytical ability on identification of the basic math weaknesses of each student.  Out of this sprang our Math with ET program.  Like a mathematical version of Sherlock Holmes, I observe struggling students solving problems and this process reveals the clues to their difficulties.  Without exception, every struggling math student has either misunderstood a previously taught concept or did not know how to apply the concept.  After skill deficits are identified I strengthen those basic math skills and demonstrate how they are used to solve problems that enable the student to reach grade level performance.  I am proud to say, together we have helped many families.

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